Latvian sign language learning

The aim of the social rehabilitation service “Latvian sign language learning” is to ensure acquisition of Latvian sign language knowledge and skills. The task is to provide help and support in learning Latvian sign language, making Latvian sign language practical usage skills, increasing vocabulary of signs, thus facilitating client’s social integration.

The service is provided in accordance with the Latvian sign language learning programme which determines the implementation of learning aims, tasks, plans, planned results, resources and recommended literature. The programme implementation plan determines topic-based planning and division of topics into subtopics. 25 topics and visual materials (dictionaries, video dictionaries in DVD format, etc.) are offered during practical lessons. During the learning process sign language specialists apply the methods according to each client’s abilities and individual needs, taking into consideration client’s experience, skills and specifics of the cognitive process.

You can apply for the service personally or electronically; the service will be provided in service provision centres or at the client’s.

The scope of the service: initial course of sign language – up to 80 h, sign language skills improvement – up to 60 h a year.

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