The social rehabilitation service package for people with hearing impairment

The aim of the social rehabilitation service package for people with hearing impairment is to facilitate client’s motivation and social activities in order to reduce his social isolation and improve the quality of his life.

The service is a service package aimed at readaptation, resocialisation of a person with hearing impairment, so that the client could become a member of the community of people with hearing impairments and of the society of people with normal hearing, improve his social and communication skills, providing the information about his hearing status, various hearing aids, teaching him to use them, etc.

The methods applied during sessions are selected according to each client’s abilities and individual needs, taking into consideration client’s experience, skills and specifics of the cognitive process.

The service is provided in accordance with the Social Rehabilitation (hereinafter referred as SRH) programme to people with hearing impairment designated for people with severe auditory inefficiency or deaf persons (only for people residing outside Riga). A group consists of 8-10 people.

SRP programme includes a 28-day cycle (food, accommodation, informal leisure activities in the evening and at weekends). Duration of the sessions: 8 hours a day.

SRH service is provided by a social worker, psychologists, educator, speech therapist, legal adviser, social rehabilitation specialist, physiotherapist/rehabilitologist, remedial exercise instructor, information technology teacher, clients’ service specialist, cultural event organiser, etc. The work during sessions is organised in teams – several specialists work together in several sessions.

SRH programme blocks:

  1. Psychological rehabilitation
  2. Communication techniques
  3. Computer skills
  4. Recovery and physical rehabilitation
  5. Informative part
  6. Technical aids

The client can apply for the service in LNS RC service provision centres, by previous appointment personally or electronically.

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