Psychological adaptation trainings

The aim of the social rehabilitation service “Psychological adaptation trainings” is to improve the client’s ability to adapt to the social environment according to his needs, abilities and wishes. The service is aimed at improvement of the quality of client’s life, motivation to join the community and society of people without hearing impairment, helps to improve communication skills, better understand the essence of communication process and learn the most effective models of action.

The main task of the psychologist is to help people with hearing impairment to feel more confident in different complicated situations and find solutions. These situations may be different: divorce, loss of a loved one, exhaustion, lost joy of living, dependences (alcohol, substance abuse, computer dependence, gambling, etc.), violence, loss of work, conflicts in relations (at work, in the family, at school, etc.).

The psychologist applies various methods in his work (mini-lectures, discussions, different games and exercises, tests, role games, training sessions, individual consultations, etc.) depending on each client’s needs and issues.

The service can be provided individually or in a group. At least 5 persons with hearing impairment take part in a group session. The following topics are included in the group sessions:

  1. Overcoming barriers in communication.
  2. Internal and external environmental resources.
  3. Stress and methods of its overcoming.
  4. Conflicts and their solutions.
  5. Basic needs and their impact on the quality of person’s life.
  6. Possible support and behaviour in crisis situations.
  7. Goals in life, values, possibilities to implement them.
  8. Confused roles, role expectations, confusion in values, feelings, self-identification.
  9. Person’s ability to accept a situation and meet social expectations that depend on the gender and age.
  10. Assessment of the results achieved, setting of new goals.

Individual consultations are organised considering the basic principles of individual psychology, providing support to the client and encouraging him to engage in social life.

You can apply for the service personally or electronically, the service will be provided upon request in service provision centres or at the client’s.

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